What are Herbal Gems?

Herbal Gems are our official virtual currency, which will be credited to you whenever you have successfully purchased items on The Herbal Gold Website.
You will only receive Gems after an order has been completed.

You will earn 1 Gem for every S$10 flat spent on the website excluding shipping fee and any coupons/discounts applied.

Any excess amount will be rounded down.

You can use the Gems in order to offset the price of your next purchase – 1 Gem will entitle you to S$1 discount off your total order price!

** Points will be updated after order status has been marked completed.

Herbal Gems cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another account.


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How to view my Herbal Gems Balance?

You may view your balance by clicking Account on the top right hand corner (Desktop) or on the side bar (Mobile).

Alternatively, you may view your balance during checkout.


Herbal Gems Expiry

All Herbal Gems expire annually and your Gems will be reset to 0 on the last day of the calendar year.


How to apply Herbal Gems?

You may apply your Herbal Gems during checkout on the checkout page.



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